Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. These cover topics such as the jewellery making process, delivery, jewellery care and more. If for any reason you cannot find the answer you are looking for please pop me a message. I am happy to help.

Jewellery Making

I make all my jewellery pieces by hand at my bench. I create small batch collections and one off designs for my website as well as bespoke jewellery for my clients. I use tradional silversmithing techniques.

Absolutely! Every ring size can be made including half sizes. All the sizes are detailed in each listing. If you would prefer a different chain length contact me before you order and I will happily get that arranged for you.

I do indeed. Drop me a message via my contact form for a no obligation initial chat about the piece you are looking for. Check out my BESPOKE page to find out more behind the process.

Yes of course. If you have fallen in love with a particular design and would love a different gemstone or metal I can re create a piece for you with your chosen gemstones. Contact me before placing an order and I can cost the piece for you.

Yes I do. I work with yellow, red and white gold. 

I like to keep my white gold natural and do not Rhodium plate my pieces. Typically white gold is plated with Rhodium to bring that bright silver look however this wears off over time and needs replating regularly which adds extra cost to you. Therefore I keep my White Gold with its natural beauty and with its natural soft colour.


It varies depending on metal choice, gemstone choice, complexity of design and bench time. I will always quote you costs ahead of any work starting and if you had a particular budget in mind I can run through the options available to you. Read more about the bespoke process here: BESPOKE 

Timescales vary depending on material stock, design and current work load. Most are completed within 7-14 working days (not including hallmarking time if needed). If you have a tight deadline we can discuss it at the inital chat stages.

Time frames vary around busy periods such as Christmas. You are more than welcome to pop me a message to check my current lead times as well as checking my delivery page for updates: DELIVERY

Jewellery CARE & advice

The best way to clean your jewellery is with a mild dish soap and warm water. you can use a soft baby toothbrush to clean around gemstones. Dry and polish with the appropriate polishing cloth for the metal type.

Some gemtones need extra special care when cleaning please see my blog for a full step by step on how to clean and care for your treasured pieces:


When you are not wearing your jewellery, if possible store in an airtight bag and/or jewellery box (although Pearls and Opals should be stored in fabric bags not plastic).

Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from strong heat sources.

Laying necklaces out will help prolong delicate chains, keep them seperate from other items they could tangle and snag with.

All metals can tarnish over time. Some faster than others. It is a natural reaction that happens when the metals are exposed to the air and chemicals from products, pools and our own skin chemistry.

Regular cleaning will remove it. To slow the process and to prolong the life of your jewellery do not wear whilst swimming or showering. Only put your jewellery on once lotions and perfumes have sunk into the skin. Do not wear your jewellery in hot tubs.

Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing to take off when dressing and changing. This prevents your jewellery from snagging on clothing and being damaged.

You should not sleep in your jewellery, chains can become tangled and damaged.

Rings should not be worn when using gardening tools and such the like to prevent any stress breakages occuring.

Patina is a way of speeding up the natural tarnishing process to bring a different finish to a piece. It can be a range of colours including black.

Just like the natural tarnishing process, the Patina can be removed. If you use an impregnated polishing cloth it will remove the finish, it will wear over time too. So it is best to clean your pieces with warm water and dry them with a soft cloth. 

The best way to get an accurate measurement is to have your chosen finger measured with a ring sizer (you can order one here).


Although that isnt always possible when shopping online so here is a handy way for you to do it at home to give you a rough guide.


  1. Cut a piece of string around 6 inches long
  2. Place the string around your chosen finger below the knuckle. Not too tight, but quite snug. Make a mark where the string ends.
  3. Measure the length of string to the mark, the closest number in mm is your circumference.
  4. Check below for your closest match
  5. If you are between sizes then that would be a half, eg if I measured around 54.5mm I would be closer to an N1/2 UK size
  • A = 37.8mm
  • B = 39.1
  • C = 40.4
  • D = 41.7
  • E = 42.9
  • F = 44.2
  • G = 45.5
  • H = 46.8
  • I = 48.0
  • J = 48.7
  • K = 50.0
  • L = 51.2
  • M = 52.5
  • N = 53.8
  • O = 55.1
  • P = 56.3
  • Q = 57.6
  • R = 58.9
  • S = 60.2
  • T = 61.4
  • U = 62.7
  • V = 64.0
  • W = 65.3
  • X = 66.6
  • Y = 67.8
  • Z = 68.5

I recommend fitting the ring to your chosen finger with enough room to put it on and off over the knuckle.

To adjust it just gently push it together to make it smaller or gently pull it apart to make it bigger.

As the sterling silver is a soft metal repeated resizing could cause a kink in the metal and eventually lead to breakage, this is why I recomend fitting it to only one finger and then wearing it like a regular closed banded ring.


I ship to various countries world wide via DHL shipping. 

Your jewellery is always sent via tracked services with Royal Mail as standard (Tracked 24 for orders up to £150 and Special Delivery on orders above £150) 

You can opt for courier delivery via DHL if preferred.