A little about me and how it all began...

Hello, I am Shell. I create distinctive and elegant jewellery that holds meaning.

I design for people like you who:

  • Love to express your individual style through your jewellery collection
  • Are sentimental and love your pieces to hold a personal meaning 
  • Your jewellery collection is your quiet confidence, speaks to you and holds on to your memories for years to come
Amethyst and sterling silver wishbone ring

My love of jewellery began when I was just a young girl, my Nan would let me play with her treasures from her jewellery box. I was fascinated with all the colourful stones, shapes, and memories she would recount around each piece. Seeing her face light up when she would talk about who bought it, why she loved that piece, her memories of loved ones since passed, that right there sparked the fire inside that I feel about jewellery.

I knew from that moment I just had to create jewellery that would mean so much to others too. People like you, who want to have those treasured memories to share in years to come with your loved ones.

Your jewellery captures a memory, a moment in time that is solely unique to you. Isn’t that incredible?

The design process

I draw inspiration from around me, it may be the gemstone itself, the brief you have given me or just an emotion.
I sketch out some options and then set to carefully selecting the perfect gemstones for you. I check my suppliers for their statement of ethics as it is important to me that my stones are conflict-free, and all my precious metals are recycled.

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques I create each piece by hand.  So you know that every time you purchase a piece of Street's Craft Creations jewellery it is unique to you. Gemstones are perfect for adding colour to my distinctive designs, using different shapes and cuts to create elegant stand-out pieces that you will love.

I know it is important for you to have that piece that makes you go ‘YES! That is, it! so throughout the whole process I am in touch with you, so you end up with a stunning piece of jewellery that really speaks to you, and compliments your style and personality.

To see more of my design and making process follow me on my social media channels, I am always sharing my work-in-progress pictures and videos so you can see how I make each piece.


Picture of me receiving my award from Theo Paphitis


My jewellery journey so far has been amazing, I have been awarded the Small Business Sunday Award from Dragon Den’s star Theo Paphitis. I was named runner up in Biz Bubbles Awards for the People's Choice 2023 and listed in their Top 100 Small Businesses of 2023.

Read more in the press release here

It means the absolute world to me that I get to create your special and meaningful pieces, whether it’s a necklace with a loved one’s favourite gemstone or the perfect set for your big day. I know you love your jewellery to be as wonderful and unique as you are.

Each piece of your jewellery tells a story, are you ready to add the next piece to your chapter?

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