Jewellery carefully and lovingly made just for you

Jewellery is personal, it makes the perfect gift for all of life’s special occasions, birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations the list goes on.

If you want to capture that special moment for yourself or a loved one, a bespoke-made piece is the ultimate way.

You can incorporate birthstones, style preferences, and specific gemstones with personal meaning.  

To enquire about having a jewellery piece designed and made especially for you or a loved one, contact me here.

Just like a story...

It begins with a chat, I will draw up some sketches, we will discuss design elements, gemstone options, metal choices and more. 

Once we have finalised a design and the cost, I will create a bespoke check out slot for you so you can purchase in your preferred way.

I will then source the materials and set to working on your pieces. 

The time it takes to complete your piece will vary depending on materials and design. Each piece will bare my makers mark along with a UK hallmark if it falls above the exemption limits. Read more about hallmarking here.

Aurora Ring, rainbow dazzling CZ stone set in a handmade sterling silver tube set ring, pictured in a soft blush pink box
A bespoke sterling silver necklace in a curved leaf design featuring a freshwater milky pearl, an special 30th anniversary piece handmade by Streets Craft Creations

sustainable & recycled...

All the precious metals I work with are recycled, I only purchase recycled silver, gold and white gold. Furthermore I keep all my offcut, filings and dust to melt down and reuse. Its important to me to be as sustainable as possible. All my gemstones are purchased from retailers with clear statment of ethics as well as giving you lab grown options for those available if you prefer.

packaged with love...

I offer two packaging options to minimise waste. You can choose between hand wrapped in tissue paper, perfect for those self gifts or gift boxed with a soft polishing cloth, the perfect choice for gifting to loved ones.

Malachite Necklace on a white jewellery box

get in touch today...

Ready to add the next piece to your story? Drop me a message today to chat about your ideas.


If a collection design of mine has caught your eye but you would perhaps like a different size, metal, or gemstone I can happily recreate a version for you. Prices may vary from the original, especially for different gemstones and metals.

To enquire about customisation to an existing piece email me here with the item name and information. 

bespoke highlight - Horse's bit necklace

There is something special about making a piece that means so much to someone its an even bigger challenge when it is something I have never made before.

Each piece of this necklace was individually hand forged from recycled sterling silver. The client wanted movement in the piece just like the real thing would have. This meant I had to work carefully and considerately when soldering each component together. 

This was one of of those pieces that made me say WOW out loud when I finished.

Bespoke Horses Bit Necklace by Streets Craft Creations