In the UK, hallmarking precious metals of a certain quality is a legal requirement. The following are the only exemptions as these are under the legal weight threshold.

  •  0.5 grams for Platinum
  • 1 gram for Gold
  • 1 gram for Palladium
  • 7.78 grams for Silver

Any of my pieces that exceed the above weight will be sent to the London Assay Office to be hallmarked. The Hallmark comprises five marks:

  • Sponsor's mark 
  • Traditional fineness mark
  • Millesimal fineness mark
  • Assay Office mark
  • Date letter mark

The sponsor's mark is my maker's mark, it is unique to me and is my registered mark. The traditional fineness mark symbol is applied as standard. The millesimal fineness mark tells you how fine/what quality the metal is as well as the type. The assay office mark tells you which office the piece was tested and hallmarked at. The date letter mark corresponds to the date it was tested and marked.

If you would like to have any of your pieces that are under the legal weights hallmarked then please contact me before you order. There is an additional charge for this service.

All my pieces that fall under the exemption weight will have my Sponsor's Mark so you can be assured of the quality and traceability of the piece. 

Some EU countries require a Common Control Mark (CCM) and/or a hallmark. They also have their own exemption weight requirements. Please contact me with any queries you have in relation to hallmarking for your country of residence

Assay Office Dealers Notice