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How Do I Measure My Ring Size?

Rings are one of my most popular pieces. By large my customers purchase more rings than they do any other piece. 

Why? Well, there are so many possibilities, stacking rings, minimalistic rings, statement rings and those in between for those extra special occasions such as wedding and engagement rings.

The fact that each one is handmade just for you too brings a whole new level of service. Rather than just picking a piece that has been created on a mass scale, more and more people are opting for a handmade service. And I don’t blame them. It’s special, it’s unique to you and it’s solely yours.

So, getting the right size right from the start is the most important step, and there are a few things you can do at home beforehand to get the perfect fit for you.

Reusable Ring Sizer
Malchite Silver Ring
Aquamarine Silver Ring

RIng sizers

You can purchase a reusable ring sizer; it will be your most accurate way to measure.  

(You can grab one here to pop in your jewellery box)

Now, it is worth considering your finger sizes change throughout the day. The heat, cold, and water retention all play a part in your finger's swelling. So, I would suggest taking a couple of measurements over the course of the day. Morning, afternoon and evening if you can.

You want your ring to be comfortable to wear, not too loose that it falls off but be able to pass over your knuckle without too much difficulty. A little wiggle is a good thing.

Once you have your ring size you can go ahead and order your piece.

The added benefit of having a ring handmade for you is that it doesn’t matter about half sizes or even quarter sizes!

When you order with me you can put your exact ring size in, and I will make it for you. A truly tailor-made service.

I made a gorgeous White Gold Wedding Band for a customer, and she needed it to be a fraction over a size K to make it a perfectly comfortable fit, so that is exactly what I made her (K & a quarter).

Chunky Wave Sterling Silver Ring

Wide Banded Rings

For wide ring bands, you generally need to size up.

  • For a 6mm width ring you would need to add around a quarter size increase
  • 7-8mm around a half a size increase
  • Above 8mm I would go a whole size up.

I have some 12mm wide rings and I would wear a size larger, so it fits comfortably. 

So now armed with all the knowledge you need for ordering your perfect ring why not head over and check out the beauties I have for you?

Drop me a message if you would like to chat about a particular ring or any jewellery for that matter after all your jewellery should be as unique and wonderful as you are. 

Shell x

Shell from Streets Craft Creations

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