An elegant collection of gorgeous gemstones, silver and sumptuous golds

My Luxe Collection is an exquisite combination of sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, and 9ct rose gold, designed to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of a range of stunning gemstones. The collection features Mystic Topaz, White Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, and Swiss Blue Topaz, each carefully selected for their unique colour and sparkle.

The collection is designed with granulation, which adds a beautiful and intricate texture to each piece, creating a look that is both timeless and modern.The granulation adds texture and depth to each piece, while the combination of precious metals creates a striking contrast that catches the eye.

Overall, this small collection is a stunning representation of the beauty and versatility of sterling silver and 9ct gold, combined with the brilliance of Mystic Topaz, White Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, and Swiss Blue Topaz

The collection in detail

Amethyst Granulation Ring

Amethyst & gold

A beautiful facet Amethyst, this ring truly sparkles in all it's glory. Shimmers of 9ct Yellow Gold and sterling silver granulation

Mystic Topaz Granulation Ringlt image

mystic topaz & gold

The most beautiful Mystic Topaz gemstone that shines  purples & greens. Just look at that gemstone when the light hits! Featuring 9ct Yellow Gold and sterling silver granulation

Pink Tourmaline Granulation Ring

Pink Tourmaline & GOLD

Pretty in pink, a super sparkly Pink Tourmarline nestled between sumtious 9ct Yellow Gold. A dainty ring perfect for any occasion

White Topaz Granulation Ring

White topaz & gold

A timeless classic White Topaz gemstone beautifully set with 9ct Rose Gold granulation. Effortlessly eye catching.

Wishbone Granulation Ring

wishbone & gold

The wishbone ring pure elegance. A style favoured time and time again. Adorned with drops of 9ct Yellow Gold along with the silky sterling silver. A modern twist to an ageless piece.

Swiss Blue Topaz Granulation Necklace

swiss blue topaz & gold

A splash of blue, the Swiss Blue Topaz's icy colour perfectly compliments the cool tones of the sterling silver and brings out the beauty from the 9ct Yellow Gold granulation. The soft curve shape flatters any neckline

Half Hoop Granulation Earrings

half hoop & gold

The beauty of a half hoop with the wearablilty of an everyday earring. Droplets of 9ct Rose Gold elevate these earrings to the next level. Feel fabulous every single day

Cluster Drop Granulation Necklace

cluster drop & gold

Delicate drop necklace with a beautiful cluster of 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling silver granulation. Simple elegance & outstanding beauty

Cluster Drop Granulation Earrings

Cluster drops & gold

The perfect pair of delicate earrings. Divine clusters of 9ct Yellow Gold and smooth sterling silver. The perfect match for the Cluster Drop Necklace

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