Theo Paphitis and his small business sunday event 2024

SBS Event 2024

What is the SBS Event?

Do you know Theo Paphitis? He was a dragon on Dragon’s Den. He is a champion of small businesses and runs Small Business Sunday on Twitter and Instagram every Sunday evening. You tweet or post about your business and he selects 6 winners to become part of SBS.

Me and Dragon's Den Star Theo Paphitis

I won back in March 2020. I attended my first event in 2022 after the lockdowns were over and without a doubt it changed my business world forever. The event is held annually and this was my third year attending

Birmingham ICC

It is a jam packed day with a line up of fabulous guest speakers, advice and info from the SBS partners as well as a motivating and inspiring speech from the man himself. The sponsor stands provide fun and information across their products and services. Plus goodies! Everyone loves goodie bags!

There is so much to benefit from I couldn't possibly express it enough here.

Event Day Build Up

Around November time the event day is released and the SBS crew start to reveal all the exciting information. Across the twitter hours each Tuesday its a buzz of excitement as we plan where we will be staying and meeting up with others. 

Each year I travel to Birmingham on Thursday and stay till Saturday. With the event day being on Friday, I like to have time to meet with other SBS winners who have become friends. We meet for drinks on Thursday evening. Then I can be prepared for the fun-filled Friday. Friday night is for decompressing before heading home on Saturday.

2024 Event

I think this year was one of the best yet. I was particularly excited to hear from two of the main speakers. 

The first is Susan Bonnar from the British Craft House and a fellow SBS winner. It was so insightful hearing all about Susan’s business journey and how she has grown her platform into what it is today. Listening to others' business stories is so helpful, even though our paths are different there are many things you find you can relate to.

The second is Stacey Solomon. I have always been a fan of Stacey and follow her on social media. She was a complete breath of fresh air listening to her at the fireside chat with Theo. She was full of so much knowledge and really helpful snippets that we can use within our businesses but most of all she was kind and caring and genuinely supportive of small businesses.

Stacey Solomon with Theo Paphitis

I think what resonated with me the most was when she spoke about Mum's guilt around working. That really hit home. As a sole trader and a mum to 3, it is a juggling act. Hearing from someone who is in a similar position and how she described it, how it IS acceptable to sometimes focus on work and then focus on your family. How doing so will also encourage your children to go after their dreams and to grow up knowing that it’s ok.

It was one of those moments that made everything slot right into place. Sometimes you just need to hear it from somebody else.

Event image showing the percentages of SBS winners
Theo Paphitis giving his welcoming speech
Image showing the breakdown of SBS events and the businesses involved

All in all, it was a fabulous few days. I always come away from these events feeling motivated and inspired and this one was no different. There is something to be said for being part of a community, especially when it is such a supportive one.

If you run a small business I highly recommend entering into SBS Sunday and fingers crossed I will see you at future events!

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