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What is My Birthstone?

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Have you ever asked yourself ‘What birthstone am I?’ Your birthstone correlates to the month you were born in. Each month has a different gemstone associated with it; some even have more than one!

Incorporating birthstones into your jewellery purchases is a great way to create a meaningful gift for a loved one or a treasured keepsake for yourself.

You can include them into wedding jewellery or anniversary gifts, add birthstones of your loved ones, children and spouses. There are so many possibilities.

Birthstone List by Streets Craft Creations


January’s Birthstone is Garnet

Typically you would know them as the deep dark red variety. However, there are many other colours including Rhodolite Garnet which is more purple, Tsavorite Garnet which is greener, Hessonite which is brownish, yellow and Demantoid Garnet which is a green/yellow variety. So, you really can explore lots of options with this gemstone.


February’s Birthstone is Amethyst

A beautiful and popular gemstone amongst crystal collectors, especially due to its calming and soothing proposed properties. The colour ways vary from rich deep purple to a light lavender.


March’s Birthstone is Aquamarine

Known as the stone of the sea due to the tranquil ocean colours it truly is a beautiful gemstone and another popular choice for jewellery. It has green, blue colour ways and is translucent. The bluer stones tend to be favoured however the green blue stones are equally as lovely.


April’s Birthstone is Diamond

The hardest gemstone on the Mohs scale. Typically used with the colourless variety, however there are varying diamond colours including yellow, pink, blue, black, green and grey. From natural earth mined diamonds to re purposed and even man/made (lab grown) there are plenty of options to choose from, to suit different price points when it comes to using Diamonds in your jewellery. Other gemstones that are used as a replacement for Diamonds include Cubic Zirconia, Zircon and Moissanite.


May’s Birthstone is Emerald

Such a beautiful green gemstone. Historically a popular gemstone, especially loved by Cleopatra. I still feel it’s a popular gemstone today, there is an increase in love for using this stone in engagement rings which I adore! Apart from the natural earth mined Emeralds there are man made versions too, Hydrothermal Emeralds for example which I have used in bespoke pieces before, they are equally as lovely.


June's Birthstones are Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

First up Pearl, an absolute classic. Freshwater and saltwater varieties and a whole variety of colours from the timeless milk, creamy whites, ivory to pink, blue, peacock, black and grey. Most widely available are cultured Pearls which simply means they have been helped and cared for during their growth where natural Pearls have had no human intervention in their production.

Alexandrite is the second birthstone for June. This beauty is a colour changing stone it appears green in daylight and redder in artificial light. They are quite a rare gemstone and therefore pricey, there are hydrothermal versions too still holding a higher price point.

Moonstone is the third birthstone for June one of my many favourites! From grey, peach, white, blue and rainbow this gemstone is much loved. It almost feels magical with its beautiful iridescent glow.


July’s Birthstone is Ruby

The rich red gemstone that is absolutely gorgeous. A classic gemstone used widely throughout history, from kings as a sign of power and wealth to being worn as an amulet for protection. There are natural and lab grown varieties giving various price points.


August’s Birthstone is Peridot

A beautiful gemstone that ranges from yellowish green to a deep green, even a greenish brown hue too. Simply gorgeous when facet cut.


September’s Birthstone is Sapphire

Most associate it with the vivid blue colour however they come in all variations of yellows, pinks, orange, black, brown and white. Historically favoured by royalty this gemstone has become a favoured gemstone by many, especially for those extra special pieces of jewellery. You can really get creative and unique when choosing from the variety of colours.


October's Birthstones are Opal and Tourmaline

First up Opal, one of the most loved gemstones in my opinion. It is one that is requested a lot due to the natural variations on colours and their unique pinfire of colours. Opals do not like water so are stone that are best left dry and away from water, some can even change colour when wet although colour can be restored when left to dry thoroughly.

The second birthstone for October is Tourmaline. These beauties come in a variety of colours including white, yellow, green, pink, brown, blue, black and bi colour (watermelon). The colour effects within these gemstones are very appealing especially when purchasing a bi colour piece.


November's Birthstones are Topaz and Citrine

Firstly Topaz, ranging from variations of blues, whites, yellow and pink. London Blue is a popular choice of colour although you can also get mystic Topaz which is a coated Topaz that displays a kaleidoscope of colours.

The second birthstone for November is Citrine. Varying from a pale yellow, to golden, orange, brown even with a green hue. Ever growing in popularity, its simply gorgeous especially when facet cut.


December's Birthstones are Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise

First up Tanzanite a stunning relatively rare blue/violet gemstone. Only found in Tanzania hence the name. It is a relatively new gemstone and only came into the jewellery market in the 1960’s

The second birthstone for December is Zircon, usually white, blue or brown. Occasionally you can find them in green, red and yellow. They are a natural gemstone and the oldest mineral on earth dating back over 4 billion years.

The third birthstone for December is Turquoise. Varying from green to blue and a mixture of both it’s a much-loved gemstone and widely used as a ceremonial gemstone. Look back to ancient Egypt where they carved scarabs from it, and it featured in tombs as well as set into jewellery.


So there you have it, now you know all about birthstones and your options for all those meaningful pieces of jewellery you would love.


Why not browse my collections for that cherised keepsake or get in touch today for that perfect bespoke birthstone gift.


Shell x


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