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What does recycled mean when it comes to jewellery?

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We know it's important to recycle, we recycle our paper, card, plastics, tins but what about our precious metals. Should we be using more recycled gold and silver in our jewellery too? I believe so.

I love creating jewellery, I love making beautiful pieces of art that you can wear, I also love being conscious of my materials and how I use them. 

Why I use recycled precious metals 

The obvious is sustainability, it makes more sense to use recycled gold and silver over new. It has fewer environmental impacts, it can be melted down and reused many times over as well as having peace of mind knowing how your jewellery was created.

Left imagine scrap silver, off cuts from jobs, right image features newly made silver bezels using the melted scrap

So how do you get recycled gold and silver, where does it come from?

It typically comes from other products, unused metals from previous jewellers that would be considered waste and jewellery sold as scrap. These are then sold on to bullion suppliers to be melted down, refined and turned into new sheets and wire for jewellers to work with.

All the silver and gold I purchase is recycled from the beginning, it is important to me that I am creating jewellery that is friendlier to the planet. 

Furthermore, I keep all my offcuts, scrap and dust to melt down myself and create more beautiful pieces. It is amazing what I can create with snips of silver and the dust from filing. There is something just lovely about wearing a piece of beautiful jewellery and knowing it has been a little kinder on the planet.

Jewellery from my collection that I have created from recycled precious metals

So the next time you are shopping for a piece of jewellery, be sure to ask your jeweller about recycled metals, even better why not just head over to my shop and check out my creations for yourself.

Head to my website Street's Craft Creations

Happy jewellery day lovely.

Shell x


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